The Beginning

This is a primary campaign, starting with old hands at D&D who have been out of the game since Second Edition. We are learning the rules as we go, and having much more fun than is appropriate. Now, onto the campaign.

Four ordinary people, with perhaps less than ordinary stories to tell, have found themselves in the small town of Fallcrest. Each happens to be in the marketplace, and while two of them are alone, the Raven Queen’s Paladin has managed to track down a half-elf bard on the run from the authorities. He’s just about to turn her in when Kobolds stream up through the well and manage to take out two city guards unawares while the rest of the townsfolk run screaming through the square.

Eventually the kobolds are dispatched by the four new companions, and they are set upon a journey to eradicate this kobold threat in their lair.

Who Can Kill Death?